Take your skills to the next level. Find out how the SMARTBoard Tools and Gallery can be used effectively to enhance your lessons, and save time as you create more Notebook files. Manipulate objects, add links to Web sites, and embed videos.

44 Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive White Board in the Classroom (and tips!)

5 Tips for Using the SMARTBoard

Creating Themes in Notebook 10

Workshop Resources

SMARTBoard Resources for Wellesley Donna LeBretton
SMARTBoard: An Introduction David Jackson

SMART Tools Resources for Further Exploration

Rockingham County Public Schools (VA) SMARTBoard and Senteo Resouces
SMARTBoard Tips Wiki
Teaching with SMARTBoards
WPS SMARTBoard Resources
Simple SMART Skills
Using the Magic Eraser to Reveal Correct Answers in Your SMART Notebook demo
Elaine Nessman's SMARTboard Activities for K/1
Mr. Wolfe's SMART Room Math Lessons
Graphing on the SMARTBoard for Little Ones
An Interactive Calendar for the SMARTBoard
Teaching with SMARTBoards..resources, files, podcasts
Naomi's SMARTBoard Flip Book
SMARTBoard Mini-Movies for Lessons and Activities
Teaching All Students: SMARTBoard Resources
Harvey's Homepage
....incredible math templates
Stories Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use – Grades K - 5
SMARTBoard Links for Engaging Learners
SMARTBoards in Education Wiki
Great SMARTBoard Sites
SMARTBoard Revolution (Ning)
Teachers Love SMARTBoards
Advanced SMART Tools Manual
The Whiteboard Blog
How to Insert YouTube Videos into SMARTNotebooks
Talking SMARTBoards and Much More..a blog
Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Profiles, Ideas, Lesson Plans and Web Sites

e-Learning for Kids
Engaging Learners the SMARTBoard Way
TeacherLED--Interactive White Board Resources
Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Activities for Use on the IWB
5 Cool Tricks on the SMARTBoard
Blogs About SMART Notebook
Mr. B's List of SMARTBoard Sites
SNL: Update: Fred's Map
...a lighter look at SMARTBoards
Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Links to Lessons

SMARTBoard Lessons
Links to SMART Notebook & SMART Response (Senteo)
...downloads, tutorials and files
SMARTBoard Lessons...from the Witchita Public Schools
SMARTBoard Templates
SMARTBoard Links and Notebooks...from Elko, NV County School District

Interactive Sites

Interactive White Board Activities for Secondary Schools
13 Sites for CML Teaching with Your Interactive White Board
Interactive White Board Resources
Interactive Mathematics Projects Using Macromedia Flash
Great K-3 SMARTBoard Sites
Interactive Sites for SMARTBoard Use
K-12 Student Interactives
...Great resources from the Utah Education Network
Interactive Tutorials and Templates
e-Learning for Kids
PBS Kids Interactive White Board Sites
SMARTBoard Mini Movies for Math and Science
Jigsaw Planet...upload graphics and create a jigsaw puzzle
More info and integration ideas for Jigsaw Planet
Scholastic-Phonics Lessons...Grades 1-3
Interactive White Board Chemistry WikiInteractive White Board Sites from Scholastic
12 Art Resources for the IWB

How To's

Handy Tools in SMART Notebook 10
SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit--Maximising the Potential of Your IWB
...scroll down to Showcasing SMART Lessons
Building a Unit in SMART Notebook
Hiding and Revealing
Interactive White Board Video Tutorials
SMARTBoard Help Resources
5 Tips for Creating Resources for IWBs..a video

Subject Specific Sites

SMARTBoard Resources...organized by subject areas

Tools for Creating Interactive Games and Activities

Tech Tools for Teachers


Get SMART English


K-5 Math Resources...from the Witchita Public Schools
SMARTBoard Galleries...high school math resources
SMARTBoard Resources--Elementary Math
SMARTBoard Resources--Secondary Math
Math Games
Starfish Theater ...PreK-2
Factoring with Mr Yang and Mosley the Alien --algebra


Science Training-Unlocking the Potential of Your IWB
ThinkBank--Secondary Science Resources
Science Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use – Grades K - 5
The Explorable Cell --HS biology


Music Notebook for SmartBoards
Mustech Wiki...a wiki for using SmartBoards in Music classes


Art Pad