Online Graphic & Slide Show Tools
Created with Einstein Sign Generator

The "price is right!" These Web 2.0 tools are FREE; some sites require you to set up an account and log on.
Your use of these tools is limited only by your imagination!
Some things to consider~~
  • How can you integrate some of these into your classroom?
  • What curriculum connections come to mind?
  • Which ones are appropriate for your students to use? What factors go in to making this decision?
  • In what ways would you have students use some of these tools?

Let the creative juices flow and have fun!

Free Collaborative and Private Photo/Video Sites for Teachers and Parents


GlassGiant...upload your photos to make Wanted Posters and
other graphics

Add Letters


Sign Generator
Moblyng: Put Your Life to Music
Trading Card Maker

Workshop Wiki

Graphics for Educators


Graphics Power Wiki
Clip Art Sources
Fun with Images
Flickr Fun
Big Huge Labs: Do Fun Stuff with Your Photos
Spice Up Images with Big Huge Labs
Geogreetings Sample Geogreeting
Street Sign Generator