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Will Richardson, Keynote Speaker

We are very delighted and most fortunate to have Will Richardson join us for a day of exploring ways we can effectively use technology to support thinking and learning, our own and our students. According to Will's Google Profile, he is a "
Parent, author, blogger, educator, husband (not necessarily in that order) who loves the social web and wants everyone else to as well." He's also a national technology consultant and a very popular speaker.

In addition to presenting the Keynote, Will Richardson will lead two 90-minute workshops, a morning workshop, Connective Writing (#AM-38) and an afternoon Q & A session (#PM-9).

Will Richardson's Wiki: A Web of Connections: Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything
Will Richardson's Blog: weblogg-ed: learning with the read/write web
World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others: How to Teach When Learning is Everywhere.

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